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 To increase people's understanding of the ecology of the Park in order to assist  in the formulation of both long - and short - term protection management plans, to promote and increase the capacity of conservation personnel's knowledge of forestry, marine biology, biodiversity, natural resour and support local community to develop economic as well. 


1. Establishment of a plan for reasearch including study outlines, proposal for any interventionist measuses, priord, proposal for any interventionist measures, periord of study, cooperating agences and training;

2. Comprehensive baseline assessment of fauna and flora systems in the Park;

3. On-going evaluation of regeneration activities;

4. On-going observation of the distribution and number of mamals in the Park, particularly endangered and threatenened species such as Cat Ba Langur and Chamois;

5. On-going observation and evaluation of coral reef and mangrove forest distibution and rehabilitation;

6. On-going studies of the range, habits and ecology of rare and endemic species 

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