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Since the establishing Cat Ba National Park, natuarl conservation activies accross Cat Ba Island, due to the ongoing management of Cat Ba National Park, has been sped up and intensified. Newwly emering is the active involvement of local communities. At present, in 5 communes and in Cat Ba Town itself, there have been Steering Committees and Implementation Groups for forest protection. These in cooperation with the strong Forest Ranger forces are guaranteeing security for each hectare of forest and animals across the Biosphere Reserve.

Cat Ba Archipelago has also attracted effective support from various Internatonal Organizations. Over the 10 year period from 1995 2005, the World Conservation Union ( IUCN, Mr A.Brooks) identified 42 international funded intiativies, implemented by both domesstic and international organiztion, in support of conservation and development across Cat Ba Archipelago. Good examples of successful and effective cooperation among Local Goverment Indigenous Community –Int’l Donor Organization in Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere Reserve have been:

“Biodiversity Conservation Model for Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere Reserve” ( VietNam-Italy:11EE5, 2001-2008).

The”regional natual heritage program” of the Australian Foundation for the people of Asia and the Pacifics AFAP ( 2005 2007).

The “ Cat ba Integrated Conservation and Development Program’( AFAP and Fauna and Flora International, 10/2002 10/2003); and

The “ Cat Ba langer Conservation project’( Zoological for the Conservation of species and Populations, ZGAP, and meunster Zoo:2000 present).

Cat Ba langur – cat ba endemic critically endangered primates.

Cat Ba langur or the Golden headed langer ( trachpithecus poliocephalus) is a leaf eating Monkey, which is endemic to cat Ba Archipelago and listed by IUCN as one of 25 world top most endangered primates ( 2000 – 2006).



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