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Tourism activities

1. Forestry Ecotourism

Comeing to Cat ba National park, visitors possibly choose among various tour routes of different forest ecosystems to explore their rare wildlife resources, such as tropical everlasting green primitive forest, magroves, limestone vegetation types, or Kim Giao preciuos wood forest, and so on.

The short routes (1-2 hours walking and hiking) conist of: Kim Giao Forest - Ngu Lam Peak; Environmental Education Trail; Trung Trang Cave

The long routes ( 4- 7 hours treking) such as: Frog Pond - Viet Hai; May Bau - Army Hospital Cave; Me Go - May Bau, Trung Trang - Lien Minh Suoi Goi


2. Sea Tourism

Besides forest ecotourism activities, the Park is also promoting its investment into merine ecotourism to meet the demands for exploring vast sea resources. In the sea area of the Park, visitors can chose among sea tourims types, such as taking boat trips to visit Lan Ha Bay, Van Boi, Viet Hai, Van Ta, Tra Bau ares, and rowing kayak to discover bay and gulf ecosystems, diving for a coral watch, climbing to some cliff of beutiful islands in Lan Ha Bay, fishing, swiming and sea bathing at isolated beaches, and other undersea sports

Sea tours often last for 2- 5 hours. 


3. Discovering in caves

Cat Ba Archipelago was formed tectonic crust movements as well as the increase and decrease of sea level in millions of years ago. Cat Ba with karst territory is endowed with plentiful caves ang grottos. There are many charming caves and caverns in the Park, such as Trung Trang Cave, Thien Long Cave, Hospital Cave, attracting dozens of thousand of visitors annually.



4. Whatching animals at night   

For tourists of loving watching and discovering reptiles, amphibians, insects or activities of nocturnals, a night walk in the forest is such a marvel. Beneath the magical sky and mysterious forest sounds are lively moves of wildlife.

In the research results of preliminary statistics, the Park has 53 mammal species, 55 reptile species, 25 amphibian species, 274 insect species and 205 species of birds

The animal night watching route is included in Mau Bau – Frog Pond (in 2 – 5 hours)


5. Swiming, kayaking, fishing, climbimg and coral watching

The sea area of the Park is decorated by romantic beaches of white smooth sands, deep blue sea water, made itself an idea seaside surrounded by spectacular sceneries of bays, gulfs and a sweet harmony of forest and sea island. Staying here, tourists can go sea-bathing on primitive beaches, rowing kayark to visit chawrming area, climbing on some beautiful islands in Lan Ha Bay,  coral watching or relaxing fishing.


6. Community - Based Ecotourism & Homestays

The forests and sea of Cat Ba  are immensely important culturally, providing livelihood resources for local communities. However, the natural resources are under constant threat. Community-based ecotourism initiatives are beginning to turn marginalized communities into local stakeholders, creating incentives to support conservation. The buffer zone area of the Park where local people living are interesting places for holiday makers go to visit and get 1 or 2 night home-stay in their traditional houses.  While in the village you will live as one of the family, eat together, have an opportunity to explore their culture and beautiful nature of Cat Ba Archipelaga Biosphere Reserve!


7. Voluntary Tourism

This is a kind of tourism in which tourists take part in not only exploring natural resource values but also distributing to improve and protect a fresh and clean environment, such as gathering liter, making tour-guiding signs, and conservation-aiming signs


8. Tour Around Historical and Cultural Places

Besides the charm of sea island natural resources, the values of cultural history is also a beauty that attracts tourists to the Park and Cat Ba Archipelago, such as Cai Beo Archaeological Site, Hien Hao Temple, Army Medical Corps Cave, Committee Cave, Rowing festivals, local traditional architect of houses, local cuisine and so on.  


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